Healthcare insurance

Healthcare insurance / What you should know about health insurance while living abroad.


It is useful and not only for the Romanians working abroad but also for those who leave the country irrespective of the reason: they should all be aware what healthcare services they are entitled to and how to benefit from them. The FLAME programmes in healthcare insurance target:

  • Romanians who work abroad for short periods of time and who are considered ineligible to receive health insurance from the host country;
  • Romanians who travel abroad;
  • Relatives of those who work abroad.


The main obstacles which hinder the growth rate of those who contribute to the health insurance fund, and consequently, hindering the number of people benefiting from public medical services are as follows:

  • complicated procedure to check the insurance status;
  • excessive requirements and complicated procedure to obtain the health insurance card;
  • impossibility of being able to obtain the health insurance card through an intermediary in case of an emergency.