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November 22, 2016


The FLAME founder is Mr Dan W. Lufkin, an American citizen, one of the main creators and practitioners of the modern venture-capital system from the United States of America. The Wall Street Journal included him on the list of the greatest one hundred successful entrepreneurs of the twentieth century. He represents a role model of strength and courage, a man who proved the world that progress and with it success come only via trying and risking.


Entrepreneurs are people who have courage and much self-trust, who are tenacious and find solutions, who know where to look for help, who develop themselves on on-going basis and fight to turn their dreams into reality. We believe that migrants, just like entrepreneurs, have the same qualities and the same perseverance in turning their dreams into reality and building a better life.

“We must appreciate the perseverance and courage of the Romanian workers who went to work abroad, we should grant them respect and support and understand that they represent an incredible economic resource. These extraordinary people do contribute significantly to the national and local economies, they are the catalysts when it comes to developing the communities they return to.” (Dan W. Lufkin)


Romanian migrants come back to Romania with new ideas, abilities, aptitudes and perspectives. Romanian migrants come back to their native country with innovative business ideas, inspired by the countries that hosted them, with role models of different entrepreneurs, with much ambition and the desire to succeed, to create something new and enduring in their homeland.

This is the reason why, we are of the opinion that encouraging and supporting migrants in order to become entrepreneurs could be an essential driver for the country’s social and economic development.


The Foundation targets encouraging entrepreneurship by rolling out programmes and by various initiatives meant to develop the entrepreneurial spirit, such as:

  • mentoring and long-term economic advising;
  • facilitating the obtaining of the funds needed for a new business, supporting the funding procedures;
  • advocacy in order to eliminate administrative and fiscal barriers that hinder the setting up of a new company.