November 22, 2016


The Foundation has the following main aims:

  • identifying, initiating, designing, supporting and deploying some projects and programmes to stand by the members of the Romanian community living abroad;
  • encouraging an inter-cultural dialogue between Romanian migrants and the citizens of the states where these migrants live and work, a dialogue that would contribute to improving the living conditions and the integration of Romanian migrants in the countries in which they live and work, while benefiting from a fair treatment (in conformity with the European Union legislation for instance) and mutual respect from their citizens;
  • keeping the links of the Romanian migrants communities with Romania;
  • reintegrating the Romanian migrants in Romania, if they come back to their native country;
  • creating a favourable image regarding Romanian migrants, from 3 perspectives:

– of the migrant himself/herself – to acknowledge his/her exceptional skills;
– of the foreigners from abroad;
– of the Romanians from Romania.

In this respect, FLAME will promote the main qualities demonstrated by Romanian migrants: courage, initiative, perseverance and integrity. Moreover, it will support migrants’ major needs such as: respect, happiness and a better life for their children.

  • encouraging Romanians’ entrepreneurial spirit, in the country as well as abroad, via:

– educational programmes;
– consulting;
– facilitating access to capital in order to launch new companies;
– supporting the amending of the current fiscal and legal frameworks, i.e. simplifying them and eliminating bureaucratic and fiscal barriers that burden the setting up of a new company.

  • conducting activities pertaining to research, education, informing and promoting the interests of the members of the Romanian communities living abroad and developing the collaboration between these communities and the representatives of the authorities from foreign countries.