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November 22, 2016

Financial Education

Financial education has become a major component of market behaviour and a long-term political priority in many countries, the outcome being the improvement of individual financial behaviour.

Adults and children alike must all have elementary notions of financial education in order to actively participate to several economic activities and take adequate financial measures for them and for their families.

There is need for a well-drawn up financial education programme not only in order to improve the mechanisms for personal and household financial management but also particularly to allow them to take appropriate decisions as regards financial services and products and develop and manage entrepreneurial activities.

More and more attention and more and more resources are spent on financial education by governments and public authorities all around the world.

The FLAME Foundation intends, within the financial education programme, to start projects pertaining to making available financial instruments for personal finance management next to granting advice and support services aimed at acquiring economic knowledge.

The FLAME Foundation, in partnership with other financial institutions deploys research activities and develops instruments to support policy decision-makers and public authorities draw up and implement national strategies on financial education.